Generosity is making a difference

Wellingara Health Centre Fundraising appeal

The clinic is now open from Monday to Friday

As a follow up from their recent time as volunteers in the Health Centre two of our friends from Holland have sourced a good quantity of medical equipment, this is currently in the process of being shipped out to The Gambia. In addition to this very welcome donation we have been successful in winning, against considerable opposition, a grant from The Gambia Experience which we are using to buy more equipment and supplies to support the Clinic’s facilities for childbirth, and post-natal care.

The Clinic now sees a greatly increased number of people now that the medical team from Faji Kunda clinic come forthnightly for ante-natal and childcare (weighing, immunisation etc.) Now that the Clinic is registered with the Regional Health Team the community is eligible for some free nets – 100 treated nets given out last week.

Nursery School.

The school has recently been inspected and approved, whereas two other nursery schools in the area where closed down by the Education Department.

There will be a new water tap installed in the village paid for by a sponsor’s family, this will mean that 100 more people will have access to clean water near their compound.

The sponsor coordinator and his assistant currently carrry out home visits regularly to check  up on the welfare of the families, and upon the condition of their houses. School visits to assess attendance and attainment will be done later in the year’

The three clusters are working well – producing and selling soap -. The women involved have paid school fees for 15 non-sponsored children with the profits.

As mentioned in the latest newsletter, there is an ongoing  initiative to raise awareness of the importance of taking preventative measures against malaria. Clinic staff have visited boreholes, compounds, market, schools etc. to spread the word and to inform people of the services availabele at the clinic both in Wellingara and the surrounding villages.


The worsening global economic situation is affecting the children in Gambia. Find out more about sponsoring a child today. Read the story of Fatoumatta

Generosity is making a difference

People have been so generous and are really making a difference and helping us to save lives. Pingle School, South Derbyshire has paid for a three-year training course for a volunteer teacher at Wellingara Nursery School

Do you know anyone who can help?

The Christian Children’s Fund has agreed to pay the salaries of two nurses for one day a week at the clinic but we desperately need continuing funds for medication. If you can help please get in touch. Click here to see what we need.

Sponsor a child today

You have the opportunity to transform many lives by sponsoring a child for £17.50 per month. All of the sponsored money goes to the family and the community.

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