Case study of a sponsored child

Fatoumatta is 8 years old now and has been sponsored for just over 3 years. She was not registered at the Nursery school but came day after day for weeks standing outside the classroom of the youngest children. She would also come to the school office and even to the office across the school site where the Community Initiative Coordinator was based.

Eventually it was suggested to Fatoumatta’s parents that they register her at school and then her name could be placed on the sponsorship waiting list. Fortunately a sponsor was found very quickly and on her next visit to Wellingara, our sponsorship secretary, Marj Jawo paid a visit to the family compound. The house is a rented, mud block construction. They are lucky enough to share a well with other families within the compound but the conditions inside the house were extremely poor.  The only bed for the family was a dried grass mattress on the floor and there was no mosquito bed net.

Thanks to regular sponsorship Fatoumatta now attends school regularly in her uniform, loves singing and is enjoying learning to read and write.  The sponsor sent a little extra money for a bed net.

Contact Marj Jawo on 01283 561260 or by email: for only £17.50.

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You have the opportunity to transform many lives by sponsoring a child for £17.50 per month. All of the sponsored money goes to the family and the community.

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