Stopping Malaria

Every Gambian is affected in one way or the other at least once a year by Malaria.

Malaria is one of the leading causes of high morbidity and mortality in children under five years of age and in pregnant women. A germ transmitted by the bite of an infected mosquito causes the disease and accounts for about 50% of all consultations at health facilities throughout the country.

Malaria kills about 1500 children annually in the Gambia and it indirectly contributes to the death of hundreds more. It may also result in some physical and mental disabilities (sometimes permanent ones) to children under five and the adult population.

Pregnant women and children under five years are the most vulnerable groups affected by malaria. About 85% of total cases reported at health facilities are children under five years, seconded by ante-natal patients (about 12%).

It is a major cause of anaemia in pregnancy, contributing to many maternal complications, and consequences, e.g hypoglycaemia, low birth weight babies, abortions, oedema, premature labour and general poor health. Repeated and/or improperly treated cases of malaria can lead to malnutrition in children and even affect the growth and leaning capacity.

Malaria is both treatable and preventable, but taking steps in the latter will greatly save lives and resources. Minimising the spread of malaria involves two main measures
• environmental measures to control mosquito breeding,
• measures to protect against mosquito bites.

The cheapest, safest, environmentally friendliest and most effective way to protect against mosquito bites, and hence malaria is the use of mosquito bed-nets. Many households/ families cannot afford to buy mosquito bed-nets coupled with other household and family needs. £5.50 is the cost of each net which can protect up to four children and save their lives. Nets funded by donors are distributed to needy families with children and pregnant women being given priority. Nets are dipped with anti-mosquito chemicals at regular intervals in organised sessions at the Health Clinic.

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