Sep 3, 2010
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Malaria and Mosquito Nets

Malaria kills 1500 children annually in the Gambia and it indirectly contributes to the death of hundreds more. serious cases may also result in some physical and mental disabilities (sometimes permanent) to children under five as well as the adult population. In December 2010 90% of patients visiting the Clinic were sufferiing from Malaria , about 85% of cases reported at health facilities are children under five years.

Malaria is both treatable and preventable but taking steps in the latter will greatly save lives and resources.  Minimising the spread of malaria involves two main measures:

.1. Environmental measures to control mosquito breeding; keeping the compound  clean and free from stagnant water and litter.

.2. Measures to protect against mosquito bites – use of bed nets

The cheapest, safest, most environmentally friendly and effective way to protect against bites and infection is the use of bed nets. With many other calls on their income many families cannot afford to buy nets.  We are running a campaign to fund nets for the children and their families, as malaria is the greatest health thereat in the region to young children.

A policy for the fair distribution of nets is now in place. Bought in bulk a double-sized net costs £5.50. A group of specially trained women carry out regular dipping sessions at the clinic. A treated net is the best form of protection from mosquitoes and residents pay around 12p. per net to cover the cost of the chemical dipping tablet.

Individual donations of funds for nets are always welcome.

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