Jan 29, 2011
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Wellingara Community Health Clinic

At last the clinic is open on a regular basis, staffed by two nurse/midwives working shifts from 8am to 8pm Monday to Thursday and Friday 8am to 4pm on Fridays. A Red Cross volunteer assists daily.

Patients pay a small registration fee before seeing a nurse. If medication is prescribed this has to be paid for before being given to the patient. Sponsored children are treated free of charge from a fund especially set aside for this purpose. Any patients who cannot be treated at the clinic are referred to other facilities.

The necessary registration with the health authorities is in the process of being completed and then ante and post natal care will be available. There are many requests for this care from pregnant women.

The clinic administrator keeps a record of the numbers of different illnesses per month. During the rainy season (June to October) the incidence of malaria is high. 95% of patients seen in November had malaria.

Generous donations save lives:  1to 3 Trustees would like to thank the following organisations for their generous support.

Northampton Catenians donated £1200 to be used for the Health Clinic.

Once again Open Gate based in Derbyshire has donated £3100 and three new taps have been sited around Wellingara ensuring many more residents will have access to clean drinking water from the mains supply. To keep the cost down villagers carried out the digging of the trenches from the mains to the taps.

Burton on Trent Soroptimists International continues to support Wellingara by sponsoring a very bright young girl to enable her to continue her education. As both her parents have died this support is vital. The Club also donates funds for bed nets.

Winshill Methodist Church, Burton on Trent has as its year-long project, raising funds for bed nets and malaria medication. 1to3 Trustee and Sponsorship Secretary, Marj Jawo did a sponsored abseil in September and a Gambian evening was held in October. A recent concert given by Derbyshire Constabulary Police Choir was well attended raising over £300.

The Pingle School, South Derbyshire donated money to enable the clinic nurses to have a motor bike to enable them to attend emergencies in the area. Funds raised were sufficient to pay for the bike, helmet, insurance and licence.

Pingle School has also sponsored a young woman to attend The Gambia College for teacher training.  All courses are held in the school holidays over three years.

Students at Reigate College have raised funds for the training of two teachers and donated two computers during a recent visit to Wellingara by a member of staff.  The College hopes to be involved over a number of years.

Sponsorship News

Most days the Wellingara Sponsorship Coordinator, Buba Dampha, can be seen on his motorbike (funded by donors in the UK) around Wellingara as he makes home visits to families of 130 sponsored children to check their health and welfare. This is a comprehensive task following which he sends individual reports to Marj Jawo who passes them on to the sponsors.

These reports make for hard reading as so many parents told Buba of their difficulties in feeding the family. High employment levels for the men and just petty trading for some of the women means money is always short. Many families were without mosquito nets and some children were sleeping on blankets on the floor.

If these difficulties are being experienced by families who receive sponsorship funds each month, how much worse must it be for those without this extra income?

There have been several sponsorship cancellations due to financial circumstances, redundancy etc but thankfully, some new sponsors have registered with us.

Two MA Social Work students from Sheffield University spent six weeks in Wellingara and worked with Buba and many children.  They helped Buba plan a revised assessment of need form which is now in place with need being ranked A – F( i.e urgent need to no need)

If you would like to help a child get into or to stay in education by setting up sponsorship, do get in touch with Marj Jawo, the 1to3 Sponsorship Coordinator (see contacts page)  All details are on the FAQs page.

Jolly Phonics

The Head teacher of the nursery school, Sainey Gibba reports that since Jolly Phonics was introduced to the school the number of children moving on from nursery school to Lower Basic school (7-13yrs) being able to ‘comfortably’ read, write and spell has increased year on year.

Thanks are given to Chris Jolly of Jolly Learning Ltd who donated many JP resources and funded the expenses of five JP trainers when they went to /Gambia to train several hundred teachers from around Gambia in the use of this scheme as an effective method of teaching children to read, write and spell.   Sainey is the official JP trainer for the Gambia.  info@jollylearning c.o.uk

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To find out more, visit the FAQ page and contact Marj Jawo on 01283 561260 or by email